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We also offer psychic readings & astrology:

Credit/Debit card psychic readings with top world class Internationally known psychics, psychic mediums, astrologers, Secret Dakini Oracle Card psychic readers, I-Ching Readers, Channelers, Spiritual Counselors all with a highly developed sixth sense.

our principal natural born psychic, Kaz is also an advanced level trained and certificated remote viewer and remote influencer, has 40+yrs of experience in her fields of expertise and a highly deveoped 7th sense.

Karlie our natural born psychic with 6+ years of experience is also an advanced level trained and certificated remote viewer and remote influencer.calls cost just: 50p per minute:

Call:  01704 823 473 11.30am - 11.30pm 7 days per week.

Under UK Law, psychic Readings are classed as being for entertainment purposes only. What Lies Ahead, L40 1UA Helpline: 01704 823 473

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Making your future what you want it to be. Remote Viewing Services Mind & Life Advancment- Services Mind & Life Advancement - What-Lies-Ahead

Remote Viewing Services Mind & Life Advancement - What Lies Ahead

Remote Viewing (using ones Seventh Sense), Mind Scripting, Mind Mapping, Brain Entrainment, Brainwave Frequency Therapy, Medical Applications (otherwise known as Remote Influencing, Self Empowerment and many other of our highly specialised services can quite literally 'make YOUR future what YOU want it to be'! Just give us your wish list and let us work on your behalf to solve all of your life's problems whilst you get on with living it!....


Your future isn’t fixed, but it is shaped – by events and experiences, in this life and any past lives. For example, early emotional wounding or traumatic experiences, even if barely remembered, can leave ‘triggers’ that activate to cause repetitive patterns of negativity. Negativity in one person attracts negativity in others, damaging both personal and professional relationships.

At What Lies Ahead, our work though our professional and specialist expertise in the fields of Remote Viewing, Mind Scripting, Mind Mapping and Brain Entrainment, involves identifying, understanding, and countering, negative influences from the past involving you and those close to you. By removing the ‘triggers’ that cause negativity, we are laying the foundations on which you can build a better, more positive future.

We are advanced level certificated Remote Viewers trained by Lyn Buchanan whose expertise as a former US Military Cold War trainer in Controlled/Co-ordinate Remote Viewing affords him eminence in his field and his training second to none. Lyn's work on the Stargate Project with the Stanford Institute (SRI) and the Monroe Institute and latterly as an executive founder of the International Remote Viewing Association (IRVA) only adds weight to the high level of training he is able to offer and from which our expertise in this field lies. We are also members of the IRVA

We also believe in a holistic approach involving the mind, body and spirit. Our Mind and Life Advancement packages and Life Solutions Consultations are designed to facilitate a wholesome, holistic approach ensuring a happier more successful and fulfilling life ahead for you in addition to an end to your concerns and worries. Why not call us NOW and become one of our growing family of satisfied clients world wide, whose testimonials speak for themselves come and enjoy the positive life changing experience of our professional and expert services? We are friendly, non-judgemental and always happy to help to ensure that YOUR life is what YOU want it to be! You really will be so glad that you called us!


We are proud, Life Members of the

International Remote Viewing Association (IRVA)

IRVA-International Remote Viewing Association




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